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Barry Welsh

Barry Welsh is Coming was a sketch show produced by Absolutely Productions for HTV Wales.

The programme was first broadcast at 10:40pm on Friday 6 September 1996 and originally ran for 58 episodes (including 8 specials)
The main star was John Sparkes, who played the geekish presenter Barry Welsh, the hapless host of a chat show.
Although the series ended in 2004, it returned in 2007 for a series of one-off specials.

Throughout its original run, the series also won four BAFTA Cymru awards for Best Light Entertainment

 Hello.... Siadwel here


A series of random tweets from the bedsit poet, philosopher

Long before he invented much-loved Barry Welsh and Hugh Pugh, John Sparkes started off in television in the ‘80s as one of the team behind BBC sketch show Naked Video.

BBC Radio Wales has broadcast three series of comic monologues from the bedsit poet, philosopher

and favourite lost cause of Wales This is a collection of random thoughts and tweets

 Lookout Wales | Hugh Pugh reporting from Fishguard

Hugh Pugh

Hugh Pugh is a reporter in Fishguard in West Wales, and his reports are constantly in black and white (though he has briefly appeared in colour). It is explained that Fishguard itself is in black and white because it is behind the rest of Wales.

Weather forecasters are warning of freezing wind and rain in Wales this Bank Holiday weekend; or summer as it is known in Fishguard

It is with great sadness that we announce that Fishguard resident and star of S4C Dai Laffin is still very much alive

Fishguard Toilet Museum opens this weekend in Fishguard. Unsure of where it is? Then just follow the brown signs on the road

Tonight the clocks go forward in Fishguard - Tomorrow it will be 1959

 Mainly because it was a challenge

Geraint Pillock

Geraint Pillock of Colwyn Bay is always trying bizarre feats in a coracle. The various challenges are attempted "mainly because it's a challenge, a challenge for me and a challenge for the coracle".

The various challenges that Geraint attempts include crossing the Sahara Desert, travelling at 740 miles per hour, conquering the glaciers of the North Pole, circling the M25 for a year and going to Mars.

"Mainly because it's a challenge and because it has been done before..."

 Mr Ffff, the oldest man in Wales

Mr Ffff

Unofficially he’s the oldest and most disgusting OAP ever. Actually far more disgusting than we’re allowed to say here

I am just like Hugh Hefner... minus the mansion, the exotic cars, the girls, the magazine and the money. So basically, I have a robe

If I ever end up on life support in hospital: Unplug me, then plug me back in, see if that works

I've been diagnosed with severe untreatable flatulence and the worst part of it is that I'm not going to be able suffer in silence

 Animal Rescue Squad


The Animal Rescue Squad are helping animals in distress whether they like it or not. They receive no funding or encouragement

Dave, Dave and Dave are in the field at the end of Oak Lane investigating ‘Who let the dogs out? Who?’

Dave and Dave are on their way to the field at the end of Oak Lane to re-home a dormouse who has been evicted for non-payment of council tax

Dave, Dave and Dave have a difficult situation today; they are dealing with a stick insect that has anorexia

Dave, Dave and Dave are dealing with a tricky problem as a snail has agoraphobia and will not come out of its shell

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Barry Welsh

Hugh Pugh

SiadwelMr Ffff

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