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Hugh Pugh

This week
My son told me he has been batting for the other side. I don't care what cricket team he's playing for I just hope he meets a nice girl soon

Star Wars spoiler: Once everybody finds out they are delicious, the Ewoks are hunted to extinction

My New Year's resolution for last year was to join a gym. My New Year's resolution for this year is to go to that gym

 LookOut Wales Newsdesk

Kennt Twat

A recent national newspaper described Fishguard as “a town of three half’s”, curiously enough, a very accurate description of Fishguard

The temperature in Fishguard last night was colder than on the planet Pluto; minus 400C. That’s not possible, but it happened anyway

Budget cuts in Fishguard means that there will be no Christmas tree this year - instead they're going to decorate Mrs Hideous's bush

 The random thoughts of the bedsit poet and philosopher


This Christmas Nan says that she can't afford to buy a beef wellington, so she's cooking just the wellington

Today I decorated the corpse of a pine tree and put it on display in my living room. For the baby Jesus

Gran is getting me one of those tablets for Christmas, which is quite lucky really as I have a headache and need a Paracetamol

 Have a look at my Global Probe on TV


In another move to upset Channel 4, the BBC have announced that Mary Berry will be on every single programme on the BBC including the news

I see that there have been two new words added to the Oxford English dictionary to describe the word 'shite'; Citizen Khan

An ‘Apprentice’ candidate recently quit the TV programme, saying she was "just not enjoying" the process. I can sympathise. It’s no longer funny

 One Man's Wales


The grim reaper has a funny sense of humour, taking those we have loved and not utter gits who should go

Nostalgia, it’s a thing of the past. But looking back and savouring treasured memories is like sitting in a warm bath and having a wee

Two interesting facts about me. 1) My knob is the same length as an Argos pen 2) I'm banned from Argos.


 LookOut Wales Special Report with Hugh Pugh

Image from Fishguard

It’s a fact that a jazz guitarist and a blind javelin thrower are alike as they command instant attention as everyone moves out of range

The Fishguard Jazz Festival will have intermissions limited to 15 minutes so the organisers don’t have to retrain any of the musicians

The Jazz Festival this August brings many famous musicians to Fishguard and a good thing to. We don't want them wandering around Brecon

Jazz is a popular alternative to mass produced synthesised pop music, whereas at the Fishguard Jazz Festival it will be made up on the day

 And finally....

Hugh Pugh

Claims that the results of ‘Celebrity Come Dancing’ are fixed, comes hot on the heels of news that the Pope is Catholic

All I did was ask the woman next door if she wanted to have her ‘knees up’ for Christmas, Suppose I should have said a 'knees up' instead

They’ve just started putting bar codes on the toilet paper at work. It’s all part of a time and motion initiative

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